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With our expertise at Goodyear Financial, we can take care of your bookkeeping needs quickly and effectively. We are equipped to handle the books for you leaving you to worry less and live more.




Customize your services based on your needs.


We have full transparency with our pricing which is based upon your average monthly expenses. 

We review every six months and take the average which would be the price.

No more counting or guessing the number of transactions or the number of accounts.

Our Firm of the Future is proud to provide Full-Service Concierge Bookkeeper Services.



What will we do for you?

Your team of bookkeepers will:

  • Review your books line by line to categorize any past transactions and reconcile your accounts.

  • Ensure the accuracy of your books by maintaining your accounts throughout each month.

  • Monitor the health of your business by having access to your books 24 hours a day and able to run reports online.

  • Provide a seamless bookkeeping experience through communication between you and your dedicated team.

  • Provide ongoing support via phone, email and scheduled video conference.

  • Corporate Agent Services for Corporations or LLC’s in the State of California $200 a year value

    • A registered agent, or agent for service of process, helps to ensure your business maintains compliance. It is the state's way of communicating with a corporation or LLC. This agent also receives legal and tax documents on behalf of a business or corporation, such as notifications from the Secretary of State, government notices, tax forms, notifications of lawsuits, and other materials.

  • Filing of Annual 1099’s and 1096 included a $40 to $200 a year value.

  • Paperless Data entry for receipts and bills for faster processing and reconciliation. 

  • Capture and Organize Receipts No more shoeboxes and envelopes full of receipts.

  • Track Miles via phone app.

  • Track income and expenses.

What we can offer you 

Total Monthly business expenses including Cost of Goods Sold.

$0.00            to       $25,000          -    $500 a month       

$25,001        to       $150,000         -    $700 a month

$150,001       to       $300,000         -    $900 a month

$300,001       to       $450,000         -    $1,100 a month

$450,001       to       $800,000         -    $1,300 a month

$800,001       to       $1,200,000      -    $1,500 a month

$1,200,001    to      $2,000,000      -    $1,700 a month

$2,000,001    to       $4,000,000     -    $1,900 a month

$4,000,001    to       $8,000,000     -    $2,100 a month

$8,000,001    to       $12,000,000   -    $2,300 a month

Monthly Fees ADD-ONS:


Payroll Reconciliation is $75 per month.

Sales Tax filings are $75 per month.

Invoicing your Clients (Up to 10) $200 per month.

Processing physical checks and making bank deposits of $300 per month.

Bill pay and tracking Accounts Payable $200 per month.

Upgrade to Weekly Update of transactions of $500 per month.

Scheduled Travel Onsite $100 a day plus expenses if have a current subscription.

All 3rd party apps are not included in your monthly fees as this gives us the freedom to custom-build a solution just for you.  We do receive wholesale discounted rates and can pass them on to you and will add to your monthly fees their current rates.


Fees are charged in advance via Ach debit. There is a 3% convenience fee for the use of a Credit Card.


A catch-up work package can be created just for you depending on how far behind and if it is a peak or non-peak time.  Anything outside of this scope is billed at $125 an hour.

Send us your customizable plan below so you can get back to what you do best.

Let's set up your customizable plan!
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